Oil-Dri Absorbs-it

Oil-Dri Absorbs-it

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OIL-DRI Absorbs-it All-Purpose Absorbent

Oil-Dri Absorbs-It is a Natural Earth Product that is Clean, Quick and Economical.

Absorbs-It is ideal for absorbing Oil and Grease. It is a blended formula of select grades of absorbent clay engineered to achieve good absorbency at a low cost, making it the best "valued" granular product in the Oil-Dri family. Use to absorb most types of oils, soluble oils, acids, inks, paints water and more. Proper use of this product can reduce slipping accidents, prevent flash oil fires, and keep floors clean and dry. Do not use with turpentine, vegetable oil, unsaturated organic compounds, or hydrofluoric acid.


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