PSC Fuel 100 EV

PSC Fuel 100 EV

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46.00 LBS

PSC Fuel 100 EV is 100% Oxygen, high performance fuel for Electric Vehicles straight from the Pocono Mountains of northeastern PA. Give your Electric Vehicle that performance boost with the highest purity oxygen found in the market.

Do you miss the days of adding fuel to your car?

One, 5 gallon can, will treat your entire vehicle. Pour it in your vehicle every time you fill up. If you have some left over, you can even pour it on top of your vehicle. Heck! It is so good; you can drink it yourself for an added pep in your step.

  • 100% Oxygen Fuel for Electric Vehicles
  • Full of Pure Pocono Mountain Air
  • PSC  Fuel 100 EV is Safe for All Manufacturer's
  • PSC  Fuel 100 EV is cold in winter and warm in summer
  • PSC  Fuel 100 EV is non-hazardous/non-combustible
  • PSC  Fuel 100 EV is safe to inhale
  • No funnel necessary

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  • 5
    PSC EV fuel 100

    Posted by Steve C. on Apr 03 2023

    My Tesla was spitting and sputtering I thought it might have bad fuel injectors I had my carburetor cleaned last year I thought it solved the problem. I spoke to my mechanic he wanted to flush the radiator, I decided to use your product instead. I was shocked at how quiet the motor had become it even quieted my dual exhaust. I thought I might need to install a 12,000 hp turbine engine from a old M1A1 Abraham's tank I have in the yard, but I decided that might be over kill in my Tesla

  • 5
    100 EV

    Posted by John on Apr 02 2020

    Amazing stuff in - on - and UNDER my Razor Electric Scooter! DOOD! It will make mad burn-out smoke shows, and you'd better hang on! My buddy is a State Trouper, and his gun lots track of my top speed when I crossed 399 MPH, and this bad hog was STILL pulling like a freight train! Sadly though, I gave some to my hammser, Ted, and he gnawed through the wire bars on his cage and raided the refrigerator. Ted ate EVERYTHING IN THE KITCHEN. So - may not be safe for hamsters. If you see Ted, RUN! (Or call Ted Nugent. I'm pretty sure he's down to take Ted out - you know - to save humanity and all)

  • 5
    Simply Amazing!

    Posted by Anita Boost on Mar 31 2020

    Not only does this give you the boost you need when inhaled, it magically turn to carbon dioxide when exhaled. Crazy!!

  • 3
    Too Cheap

    Posted by Rich E. Rich on Mar 31 2020

    I would like to give it 5 stars, but it's too cheap. I like to pay more for my fuel.

  • 5
    Fantastic Product

    Posted by John on Mar 30 2020

    Just what my Prius needed

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