Reciprocating Air Compressor Oils (Mineral)

Reciprocating Compressor Oils are required for the continuous operation of reciprocating compressors and are pumped throughout the machine to lubricate at designated points. These lubricants are recommended for single and multistage air compressors.

Reciprocating Compressors rely heavily on clean system components for efficient operation and face the possibility of system failure should dirt or debris enter the lubricating oil. PSC's selection of Reciprocating Compressor Lubricants lengthen the time between oil changes while lubricating moving components to prevent this breakdown from occurring.

Reciprocating compressor lubes are formulated to withstand the intense environment and standards for reciprocating compressor lubrication. These oils protect from corrosion and rust and perform exceptionally well at continuous high temperatures - according to DIN 51506, PSC's Reciprocating Compressor Oils can operate efficiently in situations where the maximum compressed air temperature is 220°C.

*Depending on the gas being compressed in the reciprocating compressor, different types of lubrication with varying types of additives are required to ensure that the machine is operating to the extent of its ability. Be sure to check with the original equipment manufacturer to determine which additives are appropriate for your reciprocating compressor.

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