Solvent Base Asphalt Undercoating / Sound Deadener

Petroleum Service Company carries a variety of solvent base asphalts that are ideal for the complete undercoating of transportation equipment. A Tectyl solvent base asphalt undercoating provides superior sound deadening, abrasion resistance and adhesion to a variety of substrates including hot and cold rolled steel, galvalume, galvaneel, aluminum and wood. The Tectyl 121B meets Federal Specification TTC-520B which makes it an excellent undercoating for school and metro/transit buses. The Tectyl 121BN and Tectyl 8140 are also solvent base asphalt undercoating/sound deadeners. Each Tectyl rust preventative coating has detailed material safety and technical data sheets. All of these solvent base asphalt undercoating/sound deadener products can be purchased in totes, drums, kegs, pails, quarts and pints.

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