The PSC Video Library

We’re certain you’ve heard us mention this before: we are not just an e-commerce business.

Our creative staff is dedicated to producing the highest-quality industry-related content on the web. In addition to the educational efforts of our site descriptions and blogs, PSC also produces video content in our in-house studio, Red Brick Studio!

Due to our extensive know-how of the business and the many products we sell, we felt obligated to provide our many customers (as well as the large online communities of automobile and industrial machinery enthusiasts) with the most up-to-date information on industrial and automotive lubrication and industry-related entertainment.


Whether its new clearance items, giveaways, or company milestones, you can find videos keeping you up to date with what we’re doing. If it’s a giveaway, we wish you luck and hope you win! If you’re checking out our clearance section, you’re in for some real treats.

Site Info

As you may or may not have known, PSC completely overhauled its website in 2016. It’s fast, dynamic, full of informational content and the industry’s best products (we might also admit it looks a heck of a lot prettier).

The videos below are made give you more of an insight into our online store: documenting how far it has come, and where we intend to take it in the future. Check back for updates (or subscribe to our email list, here) to stay informed and entertained.

Category Information

Our warehouse stocks a lot of products – so, sometimes it’s not easy distinguishing the subtle differences between, say, hydraulic oil-types.

That’s why we’ve created our category videos. While this is in-progress endeavor, we are working every day to provide you with new videos that thoroughly describe our products under specific category pages. These videos are led by our lubricants-expert, Jim Lewis.

Jim knows better than anyone about the intricacies of lubrication, so if you have a few minutes to learn, we recommend you give him a watch and listen.

Product Information

As anyone who’s ever worked with industrial machinery or with automobile engines knows: not all lubricants are created equal.

We’ve created these product videos to help you better understand how to use some of our products to the best of their potential. PSC’s selection of products is extensive – so we have many new product videos coming in the future.

For now, learn more about Undercoating in a Can, Chevron Lubricants, diesel-fuel additives, and our Tectyl coatings.

Sunoco Race Fuels

Welcome to the ultimate pit stop for all things racing! Dive into Sunoco Race Fuels' video library, where we turbocharge your understanding of the world of race fuel.

From the roaring intricacies of octane to the adrenaline-pumping science behind the blends, we've got it all covered. Whether you're a seasoned racer or just fuel-curious, strap in and get ready to ignite your passion and knowledge.

It's not just about the race; it's about the fuel that powers the chase. Start your engines!

Undercoating In A Can

Step into the future of vehicle protection with our Undercoating in a Can video library, where we elevate your insights into advanced rust prevention.

Navigate the complexities of undercoating technology and uncover the secrets to durable vehicle protection. Whether you're an automobile enthusiast or someone looking for long-lasting car care, it's time to embark on this transformative journey with us.

With us, it's not just about undercoating; it's about the commitment to shielding what you cherish. Gear up for unbeatable protection! If there's a video you'd like to see, let us know in the comments!

How To's and Tutorials

At PSC, our building is constantly filled with industry professionals.

No matter the area of expertise – whether it be industrial coatings, automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, or other products – we have the specialists in place here to make sure our customers know what they’re buying and for what purpose. While we can rarely get them to slow down and get in front of the camera, we’ve managed to produce the following videos with our company’s expert specialists.

Watch and enjoy.


At PSC, we strive to both inform and entertain. Here, you’ll find videos that are a good mix of both.

We think some of the best educational videos are entertaining, and some of these videos are a mix of just that. There are also some straight entertainment videos that are sure to make you laugh and share with your friends! Remember, if there’s anything you want to see in this category, be sure to comment on our videos with suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

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