For tough conditions in transportation, mining, construction, and other industries, Tectyl provides protection.
We are proud to offer Tectyl industrial coatings, as they provide superior corrosion and sound deadening solutions for a number of industrial applications, including the transportation and marine markets. Daubert Chemical Company (the makers behind our favorite rust preventative coating) has over 75 years of experience providing corrosive protection solutions—experience and excellence which has increased the lifespan of countless manufactured products.
These coatings exhibit strong adhesive properties with metal surfaces and form an active polar-binded rust-preventative barrier. They are engineered for short- or long-term protection, for indoor or outdoor exposure, and are specially designed to help metal surfaces resist the effects of moisture, salt spray, and harsh corrosives.
Once rust forms, it never stops, which is why prevention is key—whether you need a hot melt wax coating, a water-based coating, or a solvent or solvent-free coating, Tectyl has got you covered (literally).

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