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VESTAN SYN OCL ISO VG 220 NSF H1 Certified, Synthetic Food Grade Polyolester High Temperature Oven Chain Lubricant Approved for FDA 21 CFR 178.3750

VESTAN SYN OCL 220 is an NSF H1 registered, high performance synthetic oven chain lubricant formulated with food-grade polyolester base stocks and additives that significantly enhances performance and stability, preventing wear, friction, rust, and corrosion in high temperature environments, ensuring maximum equipment life.

H-1 lubricants registered with NSF have undergone stringent evaluations demonstrating a pledge to food safety and improved equipment lifespan with assurance that NSF H-1 registered lubricants provide excellent lubrication properties, anti-wear and corrosion protection, as well as minimizes your critical control points as required by HACCP.

VESTAN SYN OCL 220 has been specifically engineered for extreme high temperature environments, possessing an exceptionally high flash point exceeding 599 °C and displays exceptional lubrication characteristics, ensuring longer life and maximum protection of oven chains such as bakery oven chains, conveyor roller ball bearing chains, paint oven chains, wood laminating chains, etc.
This advanced, amber-colored synthetic lubricant displays incredible resistance to oxidation in extreme temperature environments, keeping evaporation and volatility low and operating reliability high. 

Go beyond food safety and leverage VESTAN SYN OCL 220 to optimize its enhanced high temperature protection and increase your equipment's overall service life, reducing your long-term oil consumption.


  • Amber Colored Synthetic High Temperature Lubricant specifically designed for extreme high temperature environments with a Flash Point exceeding 599 °F.
  • Outstanding lubrication properties and protects against wear, friction, rust, and corrosion.
  • Effective for use with oven chains, slides, or gears that operate in harsher, high temperature environments.
  • Also useful for fiberglass production, cement plants, beverage can lines, kiln car wheel bearings and support rollers.
  • Can be considered for high pressure reciprocating air compression applications such as plastic bottling.


  • ISO Viscosity Grade 220
  • SAE Grade 50
  • NSF H1 Certified
  • FDA 21 CFR 178.3750

*Refer to Product Safety Data Sheet or Technical Data Sheet in the 'Product Data' Tab for additional product information.*

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Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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