Wet Film Thickness Gauge

Wet Film Thickness Gauge
Undercoating In A Can

0.25 LBS

Wet Film Thickness Gauge is designed to properly test the amount of MIL thickness (or Micron thickness) of a coating being applied to a flat surface. 

First determine what is the thickness that should be applied for best results and performance (you can find this information on your coating's technical data sheet). This handy gauge then allows you test the wet coating. It reads in either 1 to 80 MIL Scale or 20 to 2000 Micron Scale. If you want to ensure proper corrosion protection without wasting product, you should utilize this gauge. 


Press gauge into wet coating. Withdraw vertically and note the deepest tooth having paint on it and the next higher tooth that is not coated with paint. The true film thickness lies between these two readings. 


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    Wet Film Thickness Gage

    Posted by Ben Miles on Jul 09 2020

    I bought this because it was the least costly. Service was very good.

  • 5

    Posted by n/a on Apr 07 2020

    It's exactly what the guys in the shop needed and they loved them. Plus delivery was quick. Thanks!

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    Solid Product

    Posted by Digital Building Components on Mar 31 2020

    We go through several of theses a month whether they get lost or "walk off", but they are great tools for our application. Bigger than ones we have bought from others companies in the past. We will be buying these from PSC from now on.

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