AeroShell Grease 22

AeroShell Grease 22

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AeroShell Grease 22 Synthetic Grease for Aircrafts 

Aeroshell Grease number 22 is an advanced general purpose grease composed of a synthetic hydrocarbon base oil and a MICROGEL thickener that provides outstanding performance characteristics. 

Aeroshell Grease 22 is especially recommended where severe operating conditions exist such as heavy bearing loads, high speed bearings as well as wide temperature operating conditions. It provides long-life protection and a high resistance to water wash-out. 

It is a general purpose, synthetic hydrocarbon clay-based aircraft grease. 

Specifications & Approvals 

  • MIL-PRF-81322G
  • MIL-PRF-24508B
  • DEF STAN 91-052* 
  • NATO Code: G-395
  • Joint Service Designation: XG-293
  • DOD-G-24508A
  • DCSEA 395/A
  • CIATIM 201, CIATIM 203
  • VNII NP 207, VNII NP 286M, NK-50

* AeroShell grade meets the requirements of the listed specification but is not necessarily fully approved to that specification. 

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