Greases are semisolid lubricants that have excellent resistance to changes in viscosity (or relative thickness), water, and oxidation. Aircraft components that aren't easily lubricated with liquid oils may require the thicker, more resilient properties of greases.

High-speed and temperature components tend to shed the protective layer that liquid lubricants provide. Greases are specifically intended to adhere to these surfaces that are otherwise increasingly difficult to keep well-lubricated. Used primarily in wheel bearings and other aircraft engine accessories, these greases are designed to perform in all temperature ranges and can handle very heavy loads with ease.

In addition to the wheel bearings and engine components, these greases may also be suitable for application as a lubricant for the airframe. These greases are exceptionally wide-ranging and are equipped with unique additive systems that are otherwise very difficult to incorporate into liquid lubricants. Protect engine components and bearings that operate at high speeds with a premium-quality, aviation grease from PSC.

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