AeroShell Grease 5

AeroShell Grease 5

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AeroShell Grease 5 Mineral Based Grease for Aircrafts 

Aeroshell Grease number 5 is an amber colored, high temperature grease used on aviation parts and composed of a mineral oil that is thickened with MICROGEL technology for good load-carrying capabilities. 

Aeroshell Grease 5 is particularly effective for use a a wheel bearing grease, especially when landing speeds are high. It is also suitable for use on engine accessories operating at high speeds and temperature such as, magnetos, generators and starters. 

AEROSHELL GREASE 5 Specifications and Approvals 

  • MIL-G-3545C 
  • DTD.878A 
  • DCSEA 3959/A 
  • NATO Code G-359 
  • JSD XG-277 

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