Aviation Hydraulic Oils

Aircraft have multiple hydraulic components within their construction including landing gear, brakes, and various other movable parts. Considering the construction of hydraulics greatly differs from the construction of engines, for example, and hydraulic oil properties differ greatly from those of engine oils, these aircraft parts require a premium-quality lubricant specifically designed to provide the protection that hydraulic components demand.

The employment of hydraulic systems in larger or military aircraft may be responsible for flight control, glaps, weapons bays, etc. This necessitates the implementation of high-quality oils to prevent oil breakdown and eventually systems failure. Premium Hydraulic Fluids supply the extra required force to move heavy, large control surfaces and are absolutely vital to the seamless flight of any aircraft.

These oils are derived from mineral and synthetic bases and have excellent anti-wear performance and help provide seamless operation of hydraulic pumps. These oils generally have excellent viscosity indexes, meaning they retain their ideal consistency for greater ranges of temperatures. Additionally, these oils are resistant to sludge and deposit formation and usually do not contain zinc or heavy metals.

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