AeroShell Fluid 41 Aviation Hydraulic Fluid

AeroShell Fluid 41 Aviation Hydraulic Fluid

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Aeroshell Fluid 41 Superclean Aviation Hydraulic Fluid Meeting MIL-PRF-5606J Specification

AeroShell Fluid 41 is a mineral oil-based aircraft hydraulic oil with excellent low temperature characteristics that is capable of operating over a wide range of temperatures. This fluid is oxidation inhibited, and contains a special anti-wear additive. This product is dyed red for identification and leak detection purposes. It also has the following benefits: 

  • Meets the MIL-PRF-5606J cleanliness requirements for aviation hydraulic oils 
  • Superior low temperature properties 
  • Compatibility with synthetic rubber components 
  • Dyed red for easy identification 
  • Good anti-wear properties 


  • Aircraft applications where a MIL-PRF-5606J fluid is specified or recommended 
  • Hydraulic oil systems, particularly those that are subject to a wide variation in ambient operating temperatures 
  • In winter service for bucket trucks and other portable equipment subject to severe low temperature operation 


  • MIL-PRF-5606J, MIL-PRF-5606H
  • DEF STAN 91-048 Grade Superclean 
  • NATO Code: H-515 
  • Joint Service Designation: OM-15 

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  • 5
    It gets the job done!

    Posted by The Thrifty Pilot on Mar 25 2019

    What can I say, if you are looking for mineral oil-based aircraft hydraulic oil that fits the specs of your aircraft, this is it. It does what it says and I have been using it since the beginning. Not saying that the competitors are bad, I just know personally I have not had any issues with this :) Pick ya up some and give it a whirl, you will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    quality product

    Posted by R F on Mar 24 2018

    Reliable quality

  • 5
    Reliable quality

    Posted by Rich on Nov 29 2017

    I have grown to trust the Shell brand for quality oil and fuel. I always reach for there products first. I only wish this products was in 1gln screw top containers.

  • 5
    Marine Steering Hydraulic fluid

    Posted by Tom East Northport NY on Jul 01 2017

    Use this instead of sea star brand. Has the same specs at a much lower price and the red color is a plus to find leaks quickly in the future.

  • 5
    Great for Seastar Hydraulic Boat Steering Systems

    Posted by Fred M. on Mar 06 2017

    I bought this to fill a Seastar hydraulic steering system on my boat. A gallon of AeroShell Fluid 41 was within a couple of dollars of the the same price as one quart of the Seastar brand hydraulic steering fluid. The packing was superb and the can arrived without a dent. The only negative I can think of is that the can is not resealable (possibly out of concerns relating to moisture contamination). So have CLEAN, resealable containers to transfer the fluid to. I recommend something around a quart size for ease of handling and pouring. Note: Seastar previously specified MIL-PRF-5606H as an acceptable fluid for their steering but now specifies only their fluid ($28/quart at a national chain boating store). According to people who should know, the fluids are the same, save for the red dye that's added to the MIL-PRF-5606H fluids.

  • 5
    Great Service

    Posted by None on Jan 23 2017

    Transaction was easy. Shipped quickly and well packaged. Product was exactly what I ordered. I will use and recommend PSC in the future.

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