First Flying Cars to Begin Rolling (Flying) Out in 2016

First Flying Cars to Begin Rolling (Flying) Out in 2016

By on Mar 20 2015

Some people have been waiting all their lives to see a flying car. Not only is the technology behind a flying automobile already real, but it is also already on sale.

Today, for a mere $279,000, you can purchase the Terrafugia Transition, which according to the company's official website, "brings a new level of freedom, flexibility, and fun to personal aviation by combining driving and flying in one state-of-the-art vehicle." (continued below)

Transition in drive-mode. Image: Terrafugia
Transition in drive-mode. Image: Terrafugia
Transition in fly-mode. Image: Terrafugia
Transition in fly-mode. Image: Terrafugia

The American manufacturer behind the two-seater, flying vehicle has included glass cockpit avionics, carbon fiber construction, and innovative mechanisms to make the Transition easy and enjoyable to fly, drive, and convert. A steering wheel and gas/brake pedals make the Transition feel familiar on the ground while a stick and rudder pedals provide responsive control in the air.

Running on premium unleaded gasoline, the vehicle's engine powers both the propeller in the air and the rear wheels on the ground. Terrafugia says that converting between flight and drive modes is comparable to putting the top down in a convertible, and when the wings are up, the Transition can be stored at home in a garage. In the air, the vehicle has a range of 410 miles and can travel at a top speed of 100 mph on the ground.

For a $10,000 refundable deposit, you can get your name on the reservation list for when the flying car begins rolling (or should I say flying) out in 2016. Check out this short Terrafugia video of the Transition in action and be sure to comment below with your thoughts.

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