Number 86 -- PSC celebrates its incorporation on St. Patrick's Day

Number 86 -- PSC celebrates its incorporation on St. Patrick's Day

By on Mar 17 2016

March 17 is a day of cultural and religious celebration for the Feast of Saint Patrick.

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And while individuals across the globe gather to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the individuals behind Petroleum Service Company get to celebrate March 17 two-fold: it's also our birthday.

After 86 years, Petroleum Service Company is proud to be a tech-savvy, innovation-driven company with four e-commerce platforms and a multitude of products ranging from Lubricants, Industrial Coatings, Sandblasting Equipment, Aviation Oils, and much more. We have maintained our young entrepreneurial spirit while taking on a mature industry for the past 86 years, and will continue doing so throughout the 21st century -- like a well-oiled machine.

We are proud of how far we've come, and even more proud of where we're going as The Pioneer of Online Petroleum Sales. Thank you for taking the journey with us.


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