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Cummins Inc., recently endorsed Power Service Diesel Kleen & Diesel Fuel Supplement for their line of equipment due to its exceptional performance and improved longevity well beyond manufacturer warranties.

Power Service - Year Round Maintenance Schedule

Power Service - Year Round Maintenance Schedule


In 1956, Al Kramer mixed up something special in his garage: the first batch of Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement. Kramer, a chemist who had worked for a major oil company, was quick to realize the product’s potential, as it worked better than anything else he had seen. Al’s son, Ed Kramer, demonstrated the product at a local truck stop, and eventually pioneered the company into coast-to-coat distribution. In 60 years’ time, Power Service Products went from a one-car garage to a recognized leader in diesel fuel additive technology. These diesel fuel additives provide year-round engine performance improvement, trouble-free winter operability, and proper fuel tank hygiene. 

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