Power Service Diesel 911

Power Service Diesel 911 is an additive used in diesel fuel to re-liquefy gelled and iced fuel. This product should be used as a safety measure and not a replacement for diesel anti-gel. As the name implies, this is the emergency answer for diesel equipment that becomes inoperable due to cold temperatures causing the fuel to gel and condensation to form into ice crystals. This strong product can get you back up and running with-in 45 minutes when properly applied.

Because of Power Service Diesel 911's outstanding ability to absorb moisture in the fuel system, a "Trick of the Trade" is to run Diesel 911 through your fuel systems prior to the cold season. This will clean up the fuel filter, tanks and lines of any condensation that has built up over the warmer months. In turn, this will eliminate any performance issues caused by early filter icing. The majority of cold weather fuel issues are actually water icing, which happens at 32 degrees versus fuel gelling that doesn't start to happen till around 0 degrees. It is during those extreme temperatures that you will want a premium anti-gel in your fuel, such as Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement, which will eliminate costly down-time. 


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