Power Service Diesel 911

Power Service Diesel 911
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Power Service Diesel 911 Emergency Gelled Fuel Liquefier 

Power Service Diesel 911 de-ices frozen fuel-filters, re-liquefies gelled fuel, prevents fuel-filter icing, removes water from fuel system and extends the life of fuel-filters. This specialized formula contains Slickdiesel Lubricator for maximum lubrication of fuel-injection pumps and fuel injectors which protects against accelerated wear. Power Service Diesel 911 is effective in all diesel fuels, including Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and biodiesel blends containing up to 20% biodiesel (B20). 

It can also be introduced early in the cold weather season to remove the build-up of water and condensation in the fuel system. As the name implies "Diesel 911", this is a product for emergency use and should not be used in place off a premium winter fuel anti-gel. For a premium fuel anti-gel to use over the entire cold season, use Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement

Power Service Diesel 911 Treatment Ratios: 

  • 26 Ounce Bottle Treats 100 Gallons (Replaced 32 oz. Bottle)
  • 64 Ounce Bottle Treats 250 Gallons (Replaced 80 oz. Bottle) 

Power Service Diesel 911 has the following benefits: 

  • De-ices frozen fuel-filters 
  • Re-liquefies gelled fuel 
  • Prevents fuel-filter icing 
  • Removes water from fuel system - extends life of fuel-filters, fuel-injection pumps and fuel injectors 
  • Contains Slickdiesel Lubricator for maximum fuel lubrication - protects pumps and injectors from accelerated wear 
  • Effective in all diesel fuels, including Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and biodiesel blends containing up to 20% biodiesel (B20) 

To Re-liquefy Gelled Diesel Fuel: 

  1.  Add 80 ounces of Diesel 911 to each 100 gallons of fuel in equipment tanks. 
  2.  Remove fuel-filters. 
  3.  Fill fuel-filters with 50% Diesel 911 and 50% diesel fuel. 
  4.  Reinstall fuel-filters. 
  5.  Start engine -- let idle to warm up fuel system before resuming normal operation. 
  6.  Add Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost as direct to prevent further gelling. 

To De-Ice Frozen Fuel-Filters: 

To de-ice frozen fuel-filters, check to ensure that diesel fuel in the equipment fuel tanks isn't gelled. If the fuel is liquid: 

  1.  Remove fuel-filters. 
  2.  Empty remaining liquid from fuel-filters. 
  3.  Fill fuel-filters with 50% Diesel 911 and 50% diesel fuel. 
  4.  Re-install fuel-filters. 
  5.  Start engine. 
  6.  Add Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost as direct to prevent future gelling.

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  • 5
    Power Service 911

    Posted by David on Oct 11 2021

    Great stuff ! Delivered on time and at a great price !

  • 5
    Excellent Product- Good Pricing

    Posted by None on Jan 09 2020

    Since taking over the ordering of this product for our company, I have found that this product not only meets our needs for our Tractors, but also cost effective as well. Shipping directly to us and ordering in bulk, makes this very cost effective.

  • 5

    Posted by n/a on Jan 18 2018

    I live in New England and the recent freeze drove temperatures below 0 or lower (if you take into account wind chill) for over a week. Needless to say, my outdoor oil tank line gelled up causing oil to stop flowing and as such my heat shut off. My oil service provider said there wasn't much they could do and it would just need time to thaw out. He mentioned Diesel 911 might help. Given the forecast was showing another week of single digits temperatures, I started to call around trying to find this product. Apparently, so was everyone else. There was such high demand for this product, I was only able to find two bottles at a local automotive store. I grabbed both bottles and within hours, my heat was back on. I really lucked out finding this product. I decided I would never be in that position again, having to search high and low in frigid temperatures and ordered a small supply to have on hand if or when needed again. This is the only product I will ever use for gelled oil in my oil tank line.

  • 5
    911 is just that, great stuff

    Posted by Harold on Jan 15 2018

    I use this on home heating system outside oil tanks. This product works great on gelled oil tanks.

  • 5
    Fast shipping quality product

    Posted by Just in time Lawn and Landscape services on Dec 19 2017

    Placed my order for the first time with the company very pleased with the turnaround in shipping price was very reasonable looking forward to doing future business

  • 5
    Production General Contractor

    Posted by none on Aug 07 2017

    Diesel 911 has boosted our fleet trucks 3 mpg since using,Great product we will continue to use in all our Trucks and Equiptment!

  • 5
    Awesome products

    Posted by Pam Symonds on Dec 20 2016

    Wouldn't be with out 911. Have big rig, tractor and pickup. All diesel keeps everything running great.

  • 5
    Best price fast shipping

    Posted by None on Oct 17 2016

    Great stuff use it in old logging equipment.

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