Power Service Bio Kleen

Power Service Bio Kleen is a diesel fuel additive that is used to kill microbial and fungal growth in fuel. This highly concentrated "Quick-kill" biocide quickly attacks microbes (bacteria and fungi), causing them to die and drop out of suspension in the fuel.

Think of Power Service Bio Kleen the same way you would a "Shock" treatment for your swimming pool. This product is used after your pool has already turned green and you have to "shock it" to clear it up. The only difference is that you can clearly see when your swimming pool has turned green, whereas it's more difficult to see inside a fuel tank. This is where we offer an inexpensive Liqui-Cult Test to determine if you have microbial growth in your fuel. 

If your fuel has tested negative for microbial growth and you want to ensure you don't have any issues the future (especially with stored fuel), we recommend Power Service Clear Diesel. Think of this product the same as you would the Chlorine that is regularly added to swimming pools to prevent microbial growth. This is especially important in fuel that is stored for longer than 3 months.


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