Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost

Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost
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Power Service Diesel Kleen plus Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner and Performance Improver

Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost is a technologically advanced diesel engine performance improver that cleans injectors, boosts cetane and lubricates fuel injection components. This Max HP Formula restores lost power, smooths rough-running engines and improves fuel economy up to 8%. This fuel supplement can be used year-around, but it is not a diesel fuel winterizer or anti-gel (when winter temperatures drop below 30F use Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement + Cetane Boost (in the white bottle) to provide maximum winter protection for your diesel engine).

Power Service Diesel Kleen Mixture Ratios:

  • 12 Ounce Bottle Treats 40 Gallons
  • 26 Ounce Bottle Treats 100 Gallons
  • 64 Ounce Bottle Treats 250 Gallons
  • 1 Gallon Bottle Treats 1,000 Gallons
  • 2.5 Gallon Jug Treats 3,750 Gallons
  • 55 Gallon Drum Treats 82,500 Gallons (1500 per Gallon)

 Power Service Diesel Kleen also has the following benefits: 

  • Cleans dirty injectors and prevents injector sticking in all engines, including High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) systems 
  • Boosts cetane up to 6 numbers - engines run smoother with less power lag and faster cold starts 
  • Boosts power - reduces need for downshifting during high-load conditions 
  • Improves fuel economy up to 8% - fuel savings exceed cost of additive 
  • Contains Slickdiesel Lubricator for maximum fuel lubrication - protects pumps and injectors from accelerated wear 
  • Stabilizes stored fuel 
  • Prevents thermal/oxidative breakdown of diesel fuel - protects against sludge formation that plugs fuel-filters and injectors 
  • Effective in all diesel fuels, including Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), biodiesel and biodiesel blends 

"Now the Cummins recommended fuel additive for use in all their diesel engines" 

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  • 5
    power boost

    Posted by Chuck on Nov 09 2022

    works great glad i found it , my truck runs much better now and better mileage , easier starts in cold weather

  • 5
    Great Service and fast delivery

    Posted by n/a on May 19 2022

    Had a great experience ordering from them, it was cheaper, faster, and exactly what I was looking for.

  • 5
    I use this product long time

    Posted by n/a on May 11 2022

    I use this product because diesel fuel is not quality any more. So Diesel Kleen made less soot

  • 5
    PSC is an excellent company, outstanding customer service and great prices!

    Posted by Bob M on Feb 28 2022

    A pleasure to do business with!

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Patrick Naughton on Jan 26 2022

    I put a bottle of Power Service Diesel Kleen in my fuel tank every fill up.Can hear and feel the difference.It smooths out the cumming knock from ULSD and cleans and lubercates injectors and fuel pump.In the winter I blend with howes anti gel.Cheap insurance to prevent having my fuel pump chew itself apart and push the steel shavings through the fuel system.15k to fix and 1-2 weeks of with out the truck.

  • 5
    got my gas milage back

    Posted by mike diekman on Jan 04 2022

    winter blend kills my milage, this stuff is great

  • 5
    Great diesel fuel system cleaner and boost.

    Posted by Steven Myers on Nov 15 2021

    Only product I will use and only fuel product Cummins authorizes to use on there engines.

  • 5
    Power services

    Posted by William Teague on Nov 11 2021

    Great prices and super fast shipping. I know I am only in Maryland , but still the next day from Wilkes -Barre . Excellent!

  • 5
    Diesel kleen

    Posted by Rob on Sep 06 2021

    Use it every fill up

  • 5
    Power service

    Posted by Joe on Apr 05 2021

    Great product.

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