Shell Lubricants

What does an antique shop have to do with high quality lubricants? Everything.
Before Shell became the number one global lubricant supplier in the world, Marcus Samuel was a shopkeeper who sold antiques. In 1833, he expanded his business to include imported oriental shells, ultimately laying the foundation for an import-export business. In the 1880s, the internal combustion engine and demand for gasoline arrived. The business, now owned by Samuel’s son Marcus Jr and Sam, became interested in the oil export business. The brothers initially called their company The Tank Syndicate, but renamed it the Shell Transport and Trading Company in 1897. By 1904, the scallop shell was introduced to visually represent the corporate and brand name. The current logo was introduced in 1971.
Today, Royal Dutch Shell leads the oil and lubricant industry with heir world-class technological insights and products. Shell provides a wide range of lubricant products quite like anyone else: Aeroshell aircraft piston engine oils, turbine engine oils, greases and hydraulic fluids; industrial gear oils, compressor oils, grease, and hydraulic fluids; heavy-duty diesel engine oil and transmission fluid.

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