Carwell Rust Inhibitor CP90

Carwell Rust Inhibitor CP90
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U.S. ARMY approved Rust & Corrosion protector, Carwell Rust Inhibitor CP90, also known as Carwell Rust Inhibitor T-32

Carwell Rust Inhibitor CP90 (T-32) is a unique, clear liquid blend of rust inhibitors to control corrosion on all metals.  It eliminates moisture containing salt, dirt, and air pollutants from the surface of metal to give long lasting protection. It also lubricates moving parts and is an excellent penetrant even through existing rust.  Carwell CP90 (T-32) safely addresses many more areas of vehicles and equipment than any other rust protection product in the market today and gives unequalled corrosion protection for pre-exposed metals. It will lift the moisture and set up a molecular film. This active barrier repels further salt and moisture from coming in contact with the metal. Because it is an active product, moving and creeping it also self-heals, providing that the manufacturer’s recommended application schedule is maintained. T-32 has been used successfully for over twenty-five years is currently serving many military and commercial fleets including the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps,  U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, Town Highway Departments, and NY Schools. 


Carwell Rust Inhibitor CP90 is approved under military specification A-A-59885 as a Corrosion Preventative Compound (CPC) for use on vehicles and equipment. Carwell Rust Inhibitor CP90 in addition to its conventional areas of benefits (seams, joints, dissimilar metals, internal cavities, flash rust control) can be used on vehicles and equipment for line of sight applications for ocean transportation, long-term storage or any other scenario where military equipment is exposed to highly corrosive areas. It is not necessary to apply Carwell Rust Inhibitor CP90 to the rubber, fiberglass or Kevlar composites. 

Areas that have dissimilar metals always poses problems where electrolysis will occur. It penetrates and sets up an interstitial film between the metals, retarding the electrolysis process. 

Electrical corrosion of wiring and connections, usually known as greening, can cause serious breakdowns especially with road salts and the increased use of liquid calcium chloride (brine). T-32’s voltage drop is less than 1/100th.  It is also 100% non-conductive and with its ability to remove and repel moisture Carwell CP90 reduces breakdowns and replaces the use of di-electric grease for batteries, fuse boxes and wiring during the Periodic Maintenance schedule. 

Existing corrosion cannot be removed but Carwell CP90 will control existing corrosion provided there is a serviceable metal base and the chronic corrosion has not gone too far. 

Lubrication is an added benefit and ensures hinges, brackets, working mechanisms, door rollers, hood springs, nuts and bolts all continue to function properly year-to-year by providing regular application during Periodic Maintenance. 

How To Apply 

Carwell CP90 should be applied to vehicles as follows:  Apply liberally to areas prone to corrosion, rusty areas or seized parts.  Allow time to penetrate on seized parts.  Reapply as needed to maintain the level of protection and lubrication desired.  CP90 will not harm rubber, painted surfaces, plastics, or glass. 

Do not allow product to puddle or buildup on weather stripping, rubber gaskets or liners.  Protect with silicone spray.  Do not apply to recently painted areas for at least 48 hours after paint has properly dried and cured.  Do not apply directly to parts that are glued together like side moldings as the product may break down the glue.  Wipe excess away with a clean rag. 

When To Apply 

a) Every six (6) to nine (9) months – in corrosion prone environments such as coastal or heavy industrial areas 
b) Yearly – in the Rust Belt (Northeast United States) or Northwest 
c) Every two to three years – West & South 
d) As required to corroded vehicles, which need to control corrosion 
e) Immediately after exposure to extreme environmental factors such as salt water wash, acid bath, sandstorm, etc. 

Safety Info 

Carwell CP90 is safe and non-toxic, contains no silicones, no Teflon, no solvents, no CFC’s, non-flammable and no hazardous Materials as defined by OSHA Regulation 29CFR-19-10.1200. T-32 does not harm painted surfaces (including CARC paint), plastics, rubber or glass.  Please refer to the MSDS (Material safety data sheet) for further information. Carwell T-32/CP90 has been given a Toxicological Clearance by the SURGEON GENERAL. 


a) Use an environmentally approved biodegradable mild degreaser. 
b) Use water temperatures between 100º- 200º F. 
c) Use pressure washer capable of 2000 psi. (caution must be used to prevent coating/paint removal) 
d) Pressure washer tip should be kept 18 inches away from surface. 


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  • 5
    Salt shield

    Posted by Rich Braverman on Nov 17 2022

    Moved from the desert to the salt and snow of the east coast. Flooded every nook and cranny I could find inside the doors and tailgates of my jeep and F150 until it started running our. Did the frame and complete undercarriage as well. I will do this prior to every winter and should never see body cancer

  • 5
    Spray bottles!

    Posted by Aaron D on Oct 21 2020

    Perfect spray bottle rust solution.

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