Chevron Meropa WM 320 | 410 Pound Drum

Chevron Meropa WM 320 | 410 Pound Drum
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460.00 LBS

Meropa Synthetic WM 320, 410 pound drum, is a windmill gear lubricant that is lab engineered for the lubrication of heavily loaded and enclosed gear drives in industrial applications and wind turbines.

Meropa gear lubricant is formulated from the finest synthetic base oils – allowing it to perform far beyond the capabilities of mineral-based gear lubes of the same weight. Meropa Synthetic WM 320 is used in rolling mills, mining equipment, crushers, shakers, hoists, conveyors, and kilns – this product may also be used on most spur, bevel, helical, worm, and hypoid gear sets found on mobile contractor equipment.

The synthetic base oil used in Meropa Synthetic is comprised of polyalphaolefin (PAO). This high-performance base oil is synthetically engineered to provide extreme-pressure protection and prevent against metal-to-metal contact.

Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent protection of the Gearbox
  • High Viscosity Index
  • Oxidation and Rust Resistant
  • Outstanding Thermal Stability
  • Superior Foam Supression
  • Water-demulsifying formula


This lubricant is comprised of premium-quality, synthetic base oils and is designed to function in heavily-loaded, high-shock situations, drastically increasing service life and encouraging optimal performance in numerous industrial applications and also in wind turbine gearboxes (WM 320 is approved by Moventas). Meropa Synthetic gear lubricant meets the requirements of ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 EP, David Brown Textron Power Transmission, DIN 51517-3 CLP, and US Steel 224. This product has a viscosity index number of 156, a flash point of 240°C, and a pour point of -45°C.

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