Chevron Multifak EP 0 | 120 Pound Keg

Chevron Multifak EP 0 | 120 Pound Keg
150.00 LBS

Multifak EP 0, 120 pound keg, is a multipurpose extreme pressure (EP) grease that is suitable for use in various industrial grease applications specifying the need for an EP grease.

This product is designed to provide excellent water resistance, good corrosion protection, and outstanding oxidation stability while employed in machinery exposed to very high temperatures and pressures. Additionally, Multifak EP 0 may be used in a variety of industrial lubrication tasks including the protection of crusher, shaker, or classifier screen bearings, general machine bearings, construction equipment, conveyers, and non-disc brake wheel bearings. This product was formerly known as Texaco Multifak EP 0.

Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Rust and Corrosion inhibited
  • Superior water resistance
  • Extended lubricant life
  • Separation and throw-out resistant


Chevron Multifak EP 0 is one grease that can satisfy a multitude of industrial lubrication tasks found throughout manufacturing facilities. This product contains a unique additive package and premium base oils designed to greatly extend the shelf life and work life of this lubricant. Maintaining an excellent adhesive quality, this product is designed to stay adhered to metal surfaces in the presence of moisture, high temperatures, and extreme pressures. The EP additive in this grease makes it an ideal lubricant for general machinery that has been exposed to increased wear and, as such, does not respond well to conventional liquid lubricants.


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