Chevron Multifak EP 000 | 35 Pound Pail

Chevron Multifak EP 000 | 35 Pound Pail
38.00 LBS

Multifak EP 000, 35 pound pail, is a multipurpose extreme-pressure (EP) grease that is formulated to satisfy a number of lubrication tasks set throughout manufacturing plants.

Multifak EP 000 is an NLGI grade 000 grease which is a semifluid lubricant commonly used in enclosed gear cases wherein housings and seals have lost their ability to retain conventional gear oils. The semifluid quality of this grease allows it to stay adhered to metal components so as to prevent unwanted metal-to-metal contact and decreased efficiency in older or previously misused machinery.

This product is commonly used in centralized lubrication systems but may satisfy a wide range of applications requiring an EP grease including: general machine lubrication, construction equipment lubrication, chassis lubrication, and bearing lubrication.

Performance Characteristics

  • Excellent water resistance
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • High oxidation stability
  • Wide-ranging application


Multifak EP 000 is engineered from select, highly-refined base oils that combine with a lithium 12 hydroxystearate thickener and unique additives to form a high-performance, extreme-pressure grease. Multifak EP 000 is red in color and stringy in texture – this allows the product to be applied across a wide range of surfaces and eventually work its way deep within industrial machine components. A thinner grease, this product may bridge the gap between conventional gear oils and a common grease – the EP additives contained within this product allow it to act as a replacement in older machinery wherein significant wear has already taken place.

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