Chevron Multifak EP 2 | 35 Pound Pail

Chevron Multifak EP 2 | 35 Pound Pail
38.00 LBS

Multifak EP 2, 35 pound pail, is an industrial grease that is formulated with an extreme-pressure (EP) additive and a lithium 12 hydroxystearate thickener to provide the desired thickness of an NLGI 2 grade grease.

This Chevron product is an excellent semisolid grease that is suitable lubrication for general machinery in industrial plants requiring a grease with an EP additive – some of its applications include but are not limited to: bearing lubrication, construction equipment lubrication, conveyer lubrication, and chassis lubrication. This product is certified LB by NLGI which approves it for use in the lubrication of automotive chassis.

Performance Characteristics

  • Rust and oxidation inhibited
  • Extends machinery life
  • Washout resistant
  • Low oil-bleeding tendency
  • Pumpable at low temperatures


Multifak EP 2 is an NLGI 2 grease that is designed to protect internal machine components specifying the need for an extreme-pressure semisolid lubricant. This product is formulated with an excellent additive package to prevent the formation of rust and oxidation as well as varnish, sludge, and other debris. This product is formulated to stay adhered to metal surfaces in the presence of constant movement, moisture, extreme pressures, and intense heat. This product complies with Timken’s recommendation for the lubrication of plain and antifriction bearings subject to shock loading.

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