Solvent Base Wax

Petroleum Service Company carries a variety of solvent base wax that provide superior corrosion protection against the harsh corrosive environments resulting from the use of magnesium chloride (MaCl2), sodium chloride (NaCl2) and calcium chloride (CaCl2) to deice the roads.

The Tectyl solvent base wax is available in black, gray, amber and translucent films. Tectyl solvent base wax meets Mil-C-62218 (Tectyl 517 & Tectyl 518) and Mil-C-0083933 (Tectyl 517). The line of Tectyl 506 products can be used as underbody protection or for application to the many cavities on an automobile or truck.

The Tectyl 185GW Black protects the underbody of transit buses in the largest cities in the US. The Tectyl 155FF protects the trailers and step vans of companies in the postal, newspaper, package, food and beverage delivery business. Tectyl solvent base wax products are formulated to be applied direct to the metal substrate.

The recommendation that Tectyl 127CG, 155FF, 185GW or 1185 coatings are to be applied directly to bare metal is a recommendation base on extensive research and testing in applications such as coke mills, coal handling facilities, dockside container handling facilities, dockside ore handling facilities, county, state and interstate highway bridges, trailers, containers, chassis, farm machinery and many other industrial applications.

Tectyl products Petroleum Service Company offers include: Tectyl 127CG Grey, Tectyl 135, Tectyl 155FF Black, Tectyl 185GW Black, Tectyl 185GW Grey, Tectyl 506EH, Tectyl 506EH-WD, Tectyl 506G, Tectyl 517, Tectyl 518, and Tectyl 1185 BlackAll of these solvent base wax products can be purchased in totes, drums, kegs, pails, quarts and pints. 

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