Diesel Fuel De-Icer & Water Removers

All diesel fuels carry small amounts of water that may be separated from the fuel by the fuel filtration system. However, when exposed to excess water, diesel fuel undergoes a chemical process called hydrolysis which negatively affects the performance quality and may cause irreparable damage. This is likely caused by the diminishment of the lubricating properties of fuel.

Diesel Fuel De-Icer & Water Removers seek to address this problem both before and after water has made its way into the system. Small amounts of water in fuel reserves should be addressed before temperatures drop below freezing -- Diesel Fuel Water Remover additives seek to solubilize the water with the diesel fuel, eliminating suspended bubbles of water in the fuel reserves.

Furthermore, should the water separate from the fuel causing fuel filter icing and the stoppage of fuel flow, De-Icer additives are formulated to breakdown the ice and solubilize the water into the fuel. Using these diesel fuel additives regularly helps to eliminate the possibility of condensation formation in fuel reserves and thereby increase performance.

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