Diesel Fuel Stabilizers

Diesel Fuel Stabilizers are specially formulated additives designed to prevent or rid diesel fuel reserves of sludge, metal debris, and oxidation.

When Diesel Fuel becomes inactive—or when it sits idly in a tank—it is subject to contamination and the ill-effects of oxygen, water, and other debris. These contaminants can eventually lead to the chemical decomposition of important fuel elements which in turn may lead to engine failure and/or destructive oxidation. Changes in fuel color and appearance may generally be attributed to these chemical reactions.

Diesel Fuel Stabilizers are generally designed to address several different issues in regards to stored diesel fuel, which is subject to many problems when it is stored. Most quality diesel fuel stabilizers contain anti-oxidants for oxidation resistance, dispersants for sludge removal, and metal deactivators for the prevention of dangerous chain reactions. PSC's selection of Diesel Fuel Stabilizers is composed of several unique additive blends that require close study to determine which may work best for your application.

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