Fuchs Renolin ZAF B 22 HT Plus

Fuchs Renolin ZAF B 22 HT Plus

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Fuchs Renolin Zinc & Ash Free B ISO VG 22 High Temperature Stability Plus Hydraulic Fluid 

This is a universal zinc and ash free high quality hydraulic oil focused on high thermal and oxidation stability combined with excellent wear and corrosion protection properties even in the presence of water. New zinc and ash-free additive technology used in combination with select hydrocracked base oils provides excellent hydraulic performance as well as gear oil performance. These products are focused on new phosphorous sulfur additive technology combined with special antioxidant and corrosion protection additives that ensure extraordinarily robust performance and wear protection. It provides excellent wear protection in hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. 

The Vickers Vane pump performance test is passed with excellent low wear rates and the wear of the ring and vanes are significantly lower when compared to conventional zinc and ash-free formulations. The RENOLIN ZAF B HT PLUS Series provides exceptional copper and yellow metal corrosion protection even under wet conditions, demonstrating that copper and yellow metals are protected against the effects of high humidity or water ingress. Also includes excellent yellow metal compatibility. 


Fuchs Renolin ZAF B 22 HT Plus is a high-performance robust hydraulic oil as well as circulating oil that can also be used as industrial gear oils. Fuchs Renolin ZAF B 22 HT Plus is a universal-type oil and can be used for various applications such as hydraulic oils (HLP) as well as industrial gear oils (CLP). This product is recommended for application in hydraulic-driven components, presses and machine tools as a demulsifying hydraulic fluid in stationary and mobile hydraulic systems. Also recommend as general purpose industrial gear oils, circulating oils and spindle oils.  


  • DIN 51524-3: HLP 
  • ISO 6743-4: HM
  • DIN 51517-3: CLP
  • ISO 6743-6: CKC
  • DBL 6713-HLP

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