FUCHS RENOSAFE FIREPROTECT 46 Ester Based Hydraulic Fluid

FUCHS RENOSAFE FIREPROTECT 46 Ester Based Hydraulic Fluid

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FUCHS RENOSAFE FireProtect ISO VG 46 Fire Resistant Ester Based Hydraulic Fluid 

RENOSAFE FireProtect is a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid based on special synthetic esters, with selected organic base oils containing the highest purity and displaying high oxidation and thermal stability.

FUCHS RENOSAFE FireProtect 46 is a FM Approvals (Factory Mutual) Approved Industrial Fluid and MSHA (Mine Safety & Hazard Administration) Permissible Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid with benefits such as:

  • Excellent yellow metal compatibility 
  • Excellent corrosion protection 
  • Offers long service life 
  • Incredible resistance to aging and oxidation 
  • Non-toxic, physiologically harmless, free of heavy metals 

FUCHS RENOSAFE FireProtect products also offer high shear stable viscosity-index multi-grade characteristics, rapid air-release, low foaming behavior, superb wear protection properties, high scuffing load characteristics, and a rapid biodegradability (>60% according to OECD 301 B) reducing environmental risk potential. 


FUCHS RENOSAFE FireProtect series products are primarily recommended as fire-resistant hydraulic fluids - based on organic esters - type HFDU: self-extinguishing anhydrous oils - for all hydraulic units, machines, or plants operating in hazardous conditions where high temperatures and open flames are present along with a high risk of fire stemming from fluid leakage. 

Typical applications consist of: 

  • Steel mill 
  • Blast furnaces 
  • Continuous casting machines 
  • Coke plants 
  • Mining applications 
  • Mobile and stationary hydraulic units 
  • Injection molding machines 

FUCHS RENOSAFE FireProtect products are generally miscible and compatible with conventional hydraulic fluids based on mineral oils. 


  • FM Approvals (Factory Mutual) Approved Industrial Fluid 
    - Flammability Classification of Industrial Fluids - Class Number 6930 - Approval Identification: 3051209 
  • MSHA (Mine Safety & Hazard Administration) Permissible Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid 
    Approval Number 35-A150002 
  • RENOSAFE FireProtect HFDU fluid according to DIN 51502, based on synthetic, organic esters 
  • Fulfils HLP requirements (exception of TOST properties) 
  • HEE46 ISO 15380 hydraulic fluid based on synthetic esters 
  • HFDU according to ISO 12922 (Fire Resistant HF) 

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