Gulfway 220

Gulfway 220
Gulf Lubricants

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Gulfway ISO VG 220 Machine Slide Way Lubricant

Gulfway 220 is a highly tacky machine tool slideway lubricant that is specially formulated with premium base stocks and newly formulated light colored performance chemistry designed to offer greater extreme pressure protection to the equipment while offering improvements in water separability, rust, and corrosion performance. Gulfway oils eliminate stick-slip or table chatter by reducing friction between mating surfaces. These fluids offer higher Timken Load results and will meet the requirements of General Motor’s LS-2 specification.

Performance characteristics

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent water separation
  • Good foam resistance
  • Outstanding ‘metal-wetting’ properties
  • Non-corrosive to copper and aluminum
  • Lighter color to provide good visibility of slideways


  • Slides and ways of planers, grinders, mills, lathes, screw machines, drilling machines, boring machines, and other tools and machines
  • Bearings and gears of other machinery requiring the special properties of a way oil.
  • Dual purpose hydraulic and way lubrication where a premium light and medium grade viscosity is require

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