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Tractor Transmission Fluid

Tractor Hydraulic Fluid and Farm Equipment Transmission Fluids are generally multipurpose oils which may be implemented in equipment that employs a single fluid tank or oil reservoir to administer lubrication and transmit power in a variety of farming or construction tasks.

These fluids are designed to reduce wear and improve clutch operation as well as wet brake performance and chatter control. These oils are all approved for use on agricultural equipment though some may be better suited to your application than others, depending on your goals. While some of these oils have excellent extreme-pressure (EP) properties and high film strengths, others may have a higher viscosity index: this may be more suited to those who wish to get their tractor started in the cold, early mornings while not sacrificing performance in the heat of the afternoon. Additionally, PSC offers a single plant-based, biodegradable option that is non-toxic and harmless to food crops, in the case of a leak.

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  • Mobilfluid 424 Tractor Transmission Fluid

  • Sunoco TH Fluid Low Temp Tractor TF

  • Sunoco TH Tractor Transmission Fluid

  • Phillips 66 Powertrans Fluid

  • Kendall Hyken 052 Farm Tractor Lubricant

  • BlueSky Terra Multi-Trac THF