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Mobile and industrial equipment that is subject to cold temperatures may require specific lubricant types that can handle the added stresses put on machines. ISO VG 32 oils do not have any specific advantages in cold weather - this page is simply for displaying ISO VG 32 oils with unique cold weather-specific additive systems. Generally speaking, these oils will have a higher viscosity index than most oils.

Viscosity index, though, is not represented by the number 32 - instead, this number refers to an ISO VG 32 oil's midpoint kinematic viscosity, measured in centistokes or mm2/s. As such, ISO VG 32 oils have a midpoint viscosity of 32 cSt (mm2/s). These two values represent different aspects of an oil's viscosity. While viscosity index refers to the ability of an oil to maintain a specific viscosity over varying temperatures, midpoint viscosity refers to an oil's average viscosity in a controlled temperature.

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