Fuchs Renolin B 32 HVI

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Fuchs Renolin B 32 HVI

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Fuchs Renolin B High Quality Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32 with High Viscosity Index 

Fuchs Renolin B 32 HVI (High-Viscosity Index) is a high quality anti-wear hydraulic oil formulated on the basis of highly ageing-resistant base oils containing additives that further increase the aging resistance. Fuchs Renolin B 32 HVI is a zinc-containing HVLP hydraulic and general lubricating oil according to DIN 51524-3: Mineral oil-based, demulsifying. Benefits include Low foaming tendency, good air release properties, high ageing resistance, good corrosion protection, great viscosity-temperature-behavior, very good wear protection, high viscosity index, wide service temperature change, and good shear stability. 


Fuchs Renolin B 32 HVI is used as hydraulic oil and as lubricating oil for various applications such as bearings and gear boxes, especially when a high viscosity index and good load carrying capacity is required. Especially recommended for applications where a low start-up viscosity at low temperatures and a higher viscosity at higher temperatures is required. Particularly they are well suited for applications in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems with wide ambient and service temperature ranges.  


  • DIN 51524-3: HVLP 
  • ISO 6743-4: HV;
  • Denison HF-1, HF-2, HF-0
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Vickers I-286-S, M-2950-S  
  • Cincinnati Milacron P68, P69, P70 
  • US Steel 127, 136

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