Lithium Greases and Lithium Complex greases make up the vast majority of lubricating greases on the market today. Lithium-based additives act as thickeners in liquid lubricants, forming the stable, gelatinous compound known as grease.

Greases made with lithium-based soaps adhere particularly well to metals, making them ideal for lubrication purposes. Lithium Greases are non-corrosive to metals and may often be used under heavy loads and high temperatures, maintaining their viscosity as temperatures increase.

Lithium Greases are formulated to resist moisture and begin to liquefy only at very high temperatures. Considering their excellent lubrication properties, Lithium Greases are commonly used throughout industrial plants and even in household tasks. Certain additives may be included in particular greases to make sure they can withstand the extreme operating temperatures and pressures that industrial machinery imparts on its components. PSC offers a variety of Lithium Greases for every industrial and household lubrication application.

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