GulfELITE HT Red Grease #2

GulfELITE HT Red Grease #2
Gulf Lubricants

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GulfELITE Premium NLGI GC-LB Certified Extreme Pressure & High Temperature Tacky Red Grease #2

GulfELITE HT Red Grease #2 is a premium water-resistant, extreme pressure, and high temperature lithium complex tacky red grease that will perform at increased temperatures where conventional soap thickened grease will fail and run out. It has excellent resistance to water washout and flows readily at cold temperatures making this grease very suitable for the broadest range of industrial machines and equipment requiring high quality extreme pressure protection and heavy load carrying capabilities. This premium tacky smooth red grease is NLGI GC-LB Certified, which approves GulfELITE HT Red #1 for use in wheel bearings or as a chassis lubricant.

GulfELITE HT Red #1 was developed for applications where conditions for use call for a softer consistency grease and improved pumpability performance.

Some applications include:

  • Steel and pellet mills
  • Conveyor bearings
  • Slag bed shaker bearings
  • Universal joints and more.....   

Some Additional Benefits

  • Superior rust/corrosion protection
  • High base oil viscosity
  • Tacky Grease property increases excellent wear protection
  • Superb load carrying capabilities


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