Morse 4-Wheel Drum Truck

Morse 4-Wheel Drum Truck

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Morse Self-Standing, Ergonomic 4-Wheel Hand Drum Truck with Polyolefin Roller-Bearing Wheels

Morse 4-Wheel Drum Truck is a specialized multi-purpose mobile drum/barrel handler meticulously constructed with solid carbon steel designed specifically for maximized efficiency while maneuvering, pouring, and palletizing any 30-85 gallon rimmed drums.

Morse 4-Wheel Drum Truck is a self-standing steel drum truck capable of fully withstanding the weight and shape of rimmed steel, plastic, and fiber drums up to 1000 lbs. independently, with no need for you to physically support or balance the drums.
This versatile drum truck includes an extendable support prop that stabilizes a drum in a horizontal position for direct pouring or dispensing into a 5-gallon (20 liter) pail.

Morse 4-Wheel Drum Truck boasts an innovative and ergonomic design maximizing safety, ease of use, and versatility when dispensing, transporting, and loading/unloading pallet drums.

Upper Drum Rim Chime Hook, Support Prop, and Specially Forged Toe Prongs for Quick & Easy Drum Loading, Dispensing, and Storage

  • Chime Hook engages upper drum rim, and the long extendable handle provides leverage to easily pull the upright drum onto drum truck.
  • Extendable Support Prop stabilizes the drum in a dispensing position to effortlessly pour into a 5-gallon (20 liter) pail and enables effortless upright storage.
  • Wide rounded forged toe prongs shaped specifically to fit beneath the curvature of the drum to support underneath, protecting and easing the overall loading of drums.

4 Mounted 8” inch Strong Polyolefin Roller-Bearing Wheels 

  • Four tough 8" inch diameter polyolefin roller bearing wheels are mounted within the barrel truck's steel frame.
  • Fully supports the weight of the drum providing substantial stability, easy steering for maximum maneuverability, and smooth directional changes on level flooring and within narrow aisles.

Ergonomic U-Shaped Knuckle Saving Handle for improved Safety, Grip and Control

  • Steering through narrow aisles quickly and safely is simplified with increased leverage and protected hands inside the Drum Truck's U-Shaped Knuckle Saving Handle.

Narrower than a 55-Gallon Drum, possessing a Wheelbase of only 27.25" wide (69.2 cm) 

  • This compact wheelbase provides enhanced sharp maneuverability and agility within confined spaces or packed storage areas.

For additional product and handling information, refer to the Product Specification Sheet, or additional documents provided on this page.


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