Nox-Rust VCI 10

Nox-Rust VCI 10

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Nox-Rust VCI 10

NOX-RUST VCI-10 is a volatile corrosion inhibitive lubricating oil for use in the preservation of ferrous metal parts in enclosed systems. Having combined the protective properties of a preservative oil with those of volatile corrosion inhibitors, NOX-RUST VCI-10 makes possible long-term protection against rust within what are termed “closed” systems or voids.

NOX-RUST VCI-10 is intended for use in the preservation of enclosed systems where the volatile components will provide protection above the oil level. It provides an effective contact preservative oil film. Typical examples of “closed” systems in which NOX-RUST VCI-10 is used to protect metal from damaging rust include: fuel tanks, storage tanks, cylinders, transmissions, metal containers, gear housings, clutch compartments, crankcases, hydraulic and coolant circulating systems.

Conventional lubricating or preservative oils slushed or fogged into such systems will drain away from the vertical metal surfaces in about six months, exposing the metal to moisture, condensation and corrosion. While NOX-RUST VCI-10 also drains away, the vaporizing rust inhibitors evolving from the product spread throughout the void or system and neutralize the corrosion-causing tendency of the moisture present in the air. NOX-RUST VCI-10, being highly fortified with contact inhibitors, also protects the metal below the oil level.

*Refer to Manufacturers Product Data Sheet for use methods and how to apply

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