OPW 7HB Fuel Dispensing Nozzle | 1" | Green

OPW 7HB Fuel Dispensing Nozzle | 1" | Green

4.00 LBS

OPW 7HB-0100 Automatic Shut-Off Nozzle, Green

 This "B" model includes a Hold-Open Device for use with nozzles pressure interlock feature

For Heavy-Duty, High-Flow Truck, Bus and Fleet Service

If you operate a full-service truckstop, refuel your own fleet or manage a cardlock refueling location, the low cost, long life and durability of the OPW 7H high-flow nozzle can help increase your productivity, sales and profits.

7HB-0100 Automatic Shut-Off Nozzle Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient One-finger hold-open clip that is easy to set the flow rate
  • Easy to open, even at high pressures
  • Even, smooth spray pattern minimizes diesel foaming and false shut-offs
  • Smooth closing action and reduced line shock
  • Spout Retaining ring adds extra measure in securing nozzle spout in fill pipe where required

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