Pure Asphalt #76M

Pure Asphalt #76M
Pure Asphalt

0.00 LBS

Pure Asphalt #76-M
Undercoating/Chassis Coating/Sound Deadener


A premium haps free water based coating for the protection of metal frames and underbody components of trailers, utility bodies, bus bodies, RV’s and other vehicles.  Can be applied to a variety of substrates (wood, foam, FRP, plastic) or direct to metal over pickled, galvanized and lightly rusted surfaces. Excellent sprayability, coverage and sag allows for a wide variety of spray equipment. A production friendly  water based formula with quick dry capabilities to achieve early water and weather resistance.  Resists salt, alkalis and seals out moisture.  Provides a tough, pliable rubberized coating for protection against abrasion and corrosion.  Affords addition sound deadening and vibration dampening at higher film builds. 

Composed of an abrasive free material, formulated with emulsified petroleum hydrocarbons, modified polymer additives and corrosion inhibitors.

*For more information, see Product Data Sheet or SDS below.  

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