Sunoco HTO 21

Sunoco HTO 21
Sunoco Lubricants

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Sunoco Heat Transfer Fluid (HTO) 21

Sunoco Heat Transfer oils serve as excellent heat transfer media for manufacturing processes where temperatures will not exceed 600°F. In properly designed closed systems equipped with expansion tanks, they will provide excellent service and are non-corrosive. These premium oils are highly refined paraffinic oils with excellent oxidation stability and low temperature properties. 

Sunoco Heat Transfer oils are designed for use in closed system boilers and other transfer systems equipped with expansion tanks where temperatures do not exceed 600°F.  These fluids should only be utilized in sealed systems free from oxygen.  Where the presence of oxygen may occur, inert gas blanketing is required to prevent rapid fluid oxidation. 

  • Optimal system operating temperature for these fluids is between 250° F and 350° F for non-blanketed systems & 500 - 550° F for blanketed systems. 
  • Maximum continuous film temperature for these fluids is 550° F. 
  • Maximum momentary film, system or spot temperature for these fluids is not to exceed 600° F. 

When fluid temperatures exceed 600° F, the degradation of this product will occur at a rapid and exponential rate. A properly maintained HTO system can utilize these fluids for many numbers of years.

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