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Sunoco Multi-Purpose ATF | 12/32 oz. Bottles

Sunoco Multi-Purpose ATF | 12/32 oz. Bottles

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26.00 LBS
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Product Description

Sunoco Multi-Purpose ATF | 12/32 oz. Bottles is a premium automatic transmission fluid designed for new generation, electronically controlled transmissions. SUNOCO MULTI-PURPOSE ATF meets most major U. S. and import car manufacturers’ performance requirements. This fluid was once licensed for the now obsolete General Motors DEXRON III-H and Ford Mercon requirements. 


It is designed for make-up and refill in 2005 and earlier General Motors and Ford cars and light trucks. It also is recommended for make-up and refill in older vehicles requiring Mercon fluid, as well as Fords requiring an M2C138CJ or M2C166H fluid. SUNOCO MULTI-PURPOSE ATF can also be used for off-highway transmissions, power steering, and other hydraulic systems requiring an Allison C-4 fluid. Meets requirements of Allison TES-389. The product also meets the industrial hydraulic oil demands of Denison HF-O, Vickers vane and Sundstrand piston pumps. 

Features & Benefits

This product utilizes high quality, highly refined base stocks for long service life and a superior additive system for protection of key transmission components. It contains specially formulated antioxidants and anti-wear agents, detergents and de-foaming agents, as well as special friction modifiers and lubricity agents for smooth shifting over a wide range of driving conditions, temperatures, and transmissions designs. 


1974-2005 General Motors cars and light trucks, 1988-1997 Ford and other vehicles requiring Mercon, 1981 and later Fords requiring an M2C138CJ or M2C166H fluid, Licenses G-34014/G34047 

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