Undercoating In A Can, Clear Wax Coating | 53 Gallon Drum

Undercoating In A Can, Clear Wax Coating | 53 Gallon Drum
Undercoating In A Can

440.00 LBS

Undercoating In A Can, Clear Wax in a bulk 53 Gallon Drum 

Undercoating In A Can "Clear Wax" is a premium wax-based rust preventative sealant that protects the undercarriages of commercial and automotive vehicles and trailers. It is an alternative to the popular Undercoating In A Can "Original Black Wax", but with a clear translucent finish. 

This product goes on as a thin gel with a low viscosity that allows for the film to build on vertical surfaces and have seam penetration (capillary action) into areas with metal-to-metal overlap.  The resulting film is wax-like in nature and will repel water, self-heal and remain flexible at low temperatures. The appearance will transform from a milky white coating to a translucent finish once fully cured. It remains in place to provide continued corrosion protection for up to 5 years. This makes it a great option for those wanting a premium, long-lasting undercoating that doesn't change the color of the underbody and frame parts. 

Undercoating In A Can Clear Wax was formulated to pass all the requirements of Honda's Specification titled Test Method on Wax. The recommended film thickness for Clear Wax is 6 mils wet resulting in a 2 mils dry film. Dry time at this thickness is 4 hours to touch and overnight for full cure depending on temperature conditions. This is a heavy wax-based product and over-sprayed areas can create more of a hazier appearance. This can be remedied by brushing out the heavy areas with a paint brush while still wet. It is recommended that you first apply to a test area to determine the best coverage and visual results you would like to achieve. 

Undercoating In A Can Clear Wax Applications 

  • Commercial Vehicles - Tractor Trailers 
  • Passenger Cars and Light Trucks 
  • Utility Trailers 
  • Off-Road Vehicle 
  • Motor Homes 
  • Recreation Vehicles 
  • Or any surface where corrosion is a concern 

Undercoating In A Can Clear Wax Benefits 

  • Protects against rust & corrosion 
  • Translucent finish allow base color to show through 
  • Stop or reduce existing rust from spreading 
  • Sound Deadening to reduce road noise 
  • Remains Pliable to resist Chips and Cracks 
  • Last 4x longer than Oil-Based and Asphalt-Based Undercoatings 

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