Undercoating In A Can, Black Wax Coating

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Undercoating In A Can, Black Wax Coating

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Undercoating In A Can

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Undercoating In A Can, Black Wax Coating is a premium wax-based rust preventative sealant that protects undercarriages, and is designed for Commercial and Automotive vehicle use. Coverage is roughly 200 sq. ft. per gallon based on proper thickness of 5 mils dry (6.5 - 8 mils wet). 1 Case of 12 aerosol cans is enough to properly treat the average passenger car vehicle's under-body. 

Wax-based undercoating technology has protected United States Military vehicles (MIL-PRF-62218B) and semi-trailer chassis components, exposed to harsh, highly corrosive environments for over 50 years. This premium wax based undercoating is also the ultimate protection for your family vehicles. 

Undercoating In A Can Black Wax Coating is a "Rust Encapsulating" product meaning it can be applied to existing rust areas and will deter further compounding effects of rust (Rust Cancer). The coating has been continuously improved over the product lifetime to resist the very harmful side effects modern road salts- magnesium, calcium, and potassium chlorides.

This rust inhibiting and sound deadening sealant forms a firm barrier film when applied to metal and wood structures, thereby extending the useful life of the coated surface. This coating exhibits excellent gravel, power wash, and impact resistance. 

The latest revision of SAE J2721, for commercial trucks, requires coatings, intended for chassis components, to be exposed to SAE J400 gravel test, where high velocity stones are thrown at the film of coating, before cyclic exposure to the corrosive salt solutions. Consequently, excellent gravel resistance is vital for long term performance. Get the ultimate protection from Undercoating In A Can. 


  • Commercial Vehicles - Tractor Trailers 
  • Passenger Cars and Light Trucks 
  • Utility Trailers 
  • Off-Road Vehicle 
  • Motor Homes 
  • Recreation Vehicles 
  • Or any surface where corrosion is a concern 


  • Military Specification MIL-PRF-62218B Approved 
  • Prevent Rust & Corrosion 
  • Stop or reduce existing rust from spreading 
  • Sound Deadening to reduce road noise 
  • Remains Pliable to resist Chips and Cracking 
  • Lasts 4x longer than Asphalt Based and Rubberized Undercoating 


  • Dries Semi-Firm, tacky to the touch 
  • Flexible and chip resistant 
  • Self-healing properties 
  • Rust encapsulating 

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  • 5
    Undercoating in a can

    Posted by Joseph Zech on Nov 02 2022

    Professional application and easy to use. All cans performed perfectly till empty

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff Knoll on Oct 18 2022

    Great product

  • 5
    Great product.

    Posted by n/a on May 11 2022

    Shipping was fast and on time the product seems to be what they advertised it to be it seems to spray very nice out of the cans and it covers well too. I’ll see how long the product last now under the truck. I’m over all satisfied and will do business again with them in the future.

  • 5
    Undercoating In A Can

    Posted by Marty Morrell on May 05 2022

    As always service was great,the best products

  • 5
    Undercoating in a can

    Posted by Conan Lazauski on Nov 26 2021

    Nice product , sprays evenly from the can. I am using this on the frame of a cargo trailer to prevent corrosion. Much easier to apply than other brands and easily gets into all of the small crevices.

  • 5
    seems good , went on easy and coverd well. time will tell if it works.

    Posted by ted carley on Nov 24 2021

    the next guy will have to see about its effectiveness as i totalled the truck afer application. dang deer.

  • 5
    stays where you spray it

    Posted by DAVID A HOFFMAN on Nov 08 2021

    i heat up some, so it sprays out a little better, and works great seems to hold up good

  • 4
    PSC undercoating / oil based

    Posted by John Henry on Oct 14 2021

    Went on extremely well, but after 3 days it was still wet to the touch.

  • 5
    black rustproofing in a can 12 pack

    Posted by craig on Sep 14 2021

    Me and a buddy of nine split the case for touchup ,a couple years ago we split 5 gallion and did are rides we live in the salt zone. we pressured washed under side and left dry a few days used black rustproofing in can out of the 5 gallion did both rides where there was heavy rust scale we didnt get off some of it flaged off we bought this for toouchup for the ease of it being in a can. we were just getting lazy and did not feel like cleaning rustproofing gum and the setup we used.

  • 5
    Undercoating in a can

    Posted by Bob on Jul 12 2021

    Great product all we use 22 tractor/trailers Great service

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