Undercoating In A Can, Polymerized Asphalt Coating | 55 Gallon Drum

Undercoating In A Can, Polymerized Asphalt Coating | 55 Gallon Drum
Undercoating In A Can

440.00 LBS

 Undercoating-In-A-Can Polymerized Asphalt Coating in a 55 gallon drum 

Undercoating In A Can Polymerized Asphalt is a premium black coating that is a haps free polymer, water-based sealant for the protection of metal frames and other under-body components on the underside of trailers, utility bodies, bus bodies, RV’s and other vehicles. UCIAC Polymerized Asphalt can be applied to a variety of substrates (wood, foam, FRP, plastic) or direct to metal over pickled, galvanized and lightly rusted surfaces. It has excellent spray-ability, coverage and sag which allows for a wide variety of tip sizes and spray equipment. UCIAC Polymerized Asphalt is a water based formula with quick dry capabilities to achieve fast water and weather resistance making it suitable for a variety of production situations. It provides a tough, pliable rubberized coating for protection against abrasion and corrosion. Resists salt, alkalis and seals out moisture. Affords sound deadening and vibration dampening to metal, fiberglass and plastic surfaces. 

Undercoating In A Can Polymerized Asphalt is comprised of emulsified petroleum hydrocarbon, modified polymers and corrosion inhibitors. 


  • Commercial Vehicles - Tractor Trailers 
  • Passenger Cars and Light Trucks 
  • Utility Trailers 
  • Off-Road Vehicle 
  • Motor Homes 
  • Recreation Vehicles 
  • Or any surface where corrosion is a concern 


  • Environmentally Friendly (0 VOC, 0 HAPS) 
  • Cost Effective Undercoating / Sound Deadener 
  • Dries a Firm, Flexible, Rubberized Coating 
  • Can be applied with a 15:1 Pump Sprayer 





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