Universal Antifreeze (Green) | 55 Gallon Drum

Universal Antifreeze (Green) | 55 Gallon Drum
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553.00 LBS

Universal Antifreeze (Green), 55 gallon drum, for cars and trucks is formulated to meet or exceed all ASTM and SAE performance standards. Universal Antifreeze is an advanced formula product designed for use in engines from the smallest aluminum passenger car engines to light duty diesel engines. Universal Antifreeze is a unique combination of organic acids and inorganic salts plus special stabilization of the low silicate content. These changes have made this non-phosphate formula possible.



As an all metals and an all purpose antifreeze it meets or exceeds the following passenger car specifications:

  • ASTM D3306/D4340
  • General Motors 1825M
  • Ford ESE M97B44-A
  • Chrysler MS 7170
  • Ford ESE M97B18-C

As a non-phosphate formula it also meets or exceeds the requirements of European, Japanese and Korean auto makers. For diesel engines, Powerline contains less than 0.1 wt.% silicate. It meets or exceeds these specifications:

  • ASTM D4985 General Motors 1899M
  • ATA RP 302A
  • Cummins 90T84
  • Mack 014GS17004
  • John Deere H-5 & 8650-5
  • Freightliner 48-22880
  • Detroit Diesel 7SE298

NOTE: This is a concentrated formulation and should be mix 50% with deionized water for best freeze protection.

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