Valvoline Full Synthetic 75w-90 Gear Oil

Valvoline Full Synthetic 75w-90 Gear Oil

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Valvoline Full Synthetic SAE 75w-90 Gear Oil w/ Limited Slip

Valvoline Full Synthetic SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil is a superior sulfur-phosphorus extreme pressure gear lubricant formulated with synthetic base-stocks and additives to provide excellent performance. It is designed to provide excellent extreme pressure protection, load carrying capacity, anti-foam performance, corrosion protection, and thermal stability protection. It is recommended for conventional and high-performance applications.

Valvoline Full Synthetic SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil Advantages include:

  • Provides outstanding thermal stability for cleanliness & longer service life
  • Protection of parts from rust + corrosion
  • Contains special additives to reduce chattering in limited-slip differentials
  • Contains additives to assist in protecting gear teeth form wear.
  • Provides superb low temperature protection


Full Synthetic SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil is recommended for use in axle applications requiring factory-fill or drain-and-fill levels of limited slip performance.

Full Synthetic SAE 75W-90 is suitable for use where GMW 16445, Dexron 75W-90 gear oil, is specified. The addition of a supplemental friction modifier (Ford M2C118-A, Chrysler MS-5630, or GM 1052358) is not required.

  • API MT-1; GL-5; GL-4*
  • MIL-PRF-2105E
  • SAE J2360
  • Mack GO-J
  • Meritor O-94 Rev Level A

*In synchronized manual transmission applications use: 

  • Valvoline Professional Series Manual Transmission Fluid
  • Valvoline Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid

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