Berkebile 2+2 Super Penetrant Lubricant

Berkebile 2+2 Super Penetrant Lubricant

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Berkebile 2+2 Super Penetrant Lubricant

B404 Super Penetrant Lubricant contains PTFE and quickly loosens seized-frozen parts by wicking through rust, scale, soil, grease and gum and lubricating the mating surfaces. Super Penetrant Lubricant leave behind a thin, rust inhibiting film. This long lasting lubricating oil will prevent further corrosion and help to silence those squeaks and squeals that is common with rubbing surfaces. 


Directions for Use


For proper spraying, can should be at room temperature (about 72 deg. F. / 22 deg. C.).  Hold can upright with spray button about 10” (1/4 m) from surface.  Press firmly on spray button and apply a thin, even coating over the surfaces to be lubricated.

*  Always use in a well-ventilated area.


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