Why do we love cars so much?

Why do we love cars so much?

By on Feb 14 2018

I know why I love cars— because growing up my dad always took the family to car shows and it's just a part of my upbringing. I'm a sucker for nostalgia and nothing is more nostalgic than classic cars, for many reasons.

But why, as a culture, do we love cars so much? Today is Valentine's Day, 2018, and what better day than today to think on this a little, and to show your car some love?

What's with our love of cars

Cars offer us something that, well, nothing else can in the same way: the freedom of transportation that we —are in control of. When we drive, we're in control of where we go and how we get there. This isn't something that was available to us back in the day.

I mean, as children we were reliant on the adults in our lives to take us places. But now we're the adults. We're in charge.

We also cannot help but marvel at the mechanics behind everything— from the motor to the design that enables cars to move efficiently, smoothly, and without noise, so we can enjoy the ride.

Some people love the meditative nature of driving in or fixing cars, or they just love bonding with like-minded people over their passion. At the end of the day, everyone has their own reasons, and they're all the right reason.

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Love your car right with Petroleum Service Company

No matter why you love cars, it's important to love your car right. We believe that a lot of love and care is just what your baby deserves, not just on this Valentine's Day, but every day.

One great way to pamper your car is, well, to take care of it. You can shop PSC for any of the following products to keep your car running the best it can:

Shop —Engine Oil —to make sure you're protecting against oil breakdown and corrosion. Whether full synthetic, conventional, or even high-performance racing engine oil, we've got what you need.

Transmission fluid works to make sure every component of your car's transmission is properly lubricated. This assures optimal performance so you can keep on cruisin'.

The gears in your vehicle undergo a lot of stress and pressure from all the driving you do. Protect the inner components of your passenger car with proper gear lubrication.

Power steering fluid make sure that you can turn the wheel with ease, which we all want at the end of the day— right?

If you're in need of a grease that's acceptable for both chassis and wheel bearing lubrication, our GC-LB Wheel Bearing Greases is right for you. Plus, it has the NLGI Certification Mark, so you know it's good.

When it comes to —aqueous cleaners, —trust Purple Power. It's the #1 rated multipurpose industrial-strength cleaner on the market after all!

Undercoating in a Can is simply the best way to protect the underside of your car. End the cycle of infectious rust by preventing it from forming in the first place, or stop the spread with this rust-encapsulating formula.

For all your other needs, we've got the handy additional maintenance supplies category, which covered everything from fuel additives to boost performance to janitorial supplies to clean up your mess.

Shop today to keep your vehicle performing to the best of its abilities!


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