BlueSky Alto Syn VL 46

BlueSky Alto Syn VL 46
BlueSky Lubricants

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BlueSky Alto Syn VL Synthetic Vacuum Pump Lubricant ISO VG 46

BlueSky Alto Syn VL 46 is a vacuum pump lubricant designed to function in applications subject to severe temperature and environmental conditions.

A refined synthetic base stock is vacuum distilled to provide an extremely low vapor pressure lubricant that provides excellent water separation properties and protection against rust and wear.

The high levels of water vapor present in vacuum pumps provide a challenge to lubricants that may have difficulties optimizing performance in the presence of moisture -- Alto Syn VL provides optimum lubrication for vacuum pumps and prevents emulsifications far beyond the capabilities of a petroleum-based lubricant: making it the only practical choice for vacuum pump applications.

Excellent resistance to emulsions

  • Superior water-separation properties
  • Extended service life in moisture-laden environments

Superior to petroleum-based oils

  • Better protection against wear and corrosion
  • Extends drain intervals
  • Ultra-pure formulation

Outstanding performance in severe operating conditions

  • Performs consistently in temperature extremes

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